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The Impact of Your Gift


Our Partnership Matters. Because of You…

We have trained more than 5,000 healthcare and community workers in 140 clinics and hospitals in 18 countries

More than 90,000 babies have received medicine to prevent HIV infection

A full-time Congolese female doctor has the salary support and training to provide follow-up care to over 700 HIV affected children in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, with over 400 children on treatment

We have tested over 100,000 pregnant women for HIV

Important HIV education was provided to more than 18,000 young people

Victims of sexual violence are being cared for in Eastern Congo and 2,000 post exposure prophylaxis kits were delivered to protect women and girls from unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other STDs

Every Gift Helps

Every gift helps a vulnerable woman or child. 
Please consider gifts such as:

  • $20 can provide antibiotics for an HIV positive mom and her baby to prevent infections such as pneumonia and meningitis
  • $50 can provide transportation for a community health worker to visit families in need
  • $100 can provide early infant HIV diagnostic testing leading to life-saving treatment
  • $300 can provide an on-site certification course in neonatal resuscitation taught by local nurses
  • $1,000 can allow a local nurse to become a clinical mentor to other nurses by providing for transportation and partial salary support

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