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Cindy and nurse at Mabale Clinic, Zimbabwe

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Brother Patrick Nshamdze

Global Strategies Ebola Update

Thank you for those of you who have reached out to Global Strategies and our partners in Liberia…

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Field Update: Advancing Baby Care in Congo

 Today in the neonatal unit at HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo nurse…

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Liberia Field Report Update

This January, Global Strategies, alongside the nurses and…

Special Video Featuring Dr. Vindu

In 2006, Global Strategies co-founded the Children’s AIDS Program at Heal Africa. Currently Global Strategies' supported Congolese physician, Dr. Vindu, cares for over 700 HIV affected children. HIV does not have to mean the end of life for children living with this disease. In this inspiring video, Dr. Vindu shares how HIV positive children like Floribert have the same dreams as other children, such as becoming a doctor someday or even a president.