2020 Annual Report

Our 2020 Annual Report is now available with highlights from the past year including COVID updates from the field.

Dr. Eric Goosby Announced as a Member of New Coronavirus Task Force

Global Strategies congratulates Dr. Eric Goosby for his nomination to the Biden Coronavirus Task Force.

Global Strategies and Panzi Foundation Awarded AIDS 2020 Conference Prize

We are proud to announce that our work with Panzi Foundation has received a major award - the Women, Girls and HIV Investigator’s Prize at the 23rd International AIDS Conference held virtually.

We can focus on our work in helping mothers take care of their children because if we did not have this aid, we could not have any nurses, and if we did not have any support from partners and Global Strategies, we could not do any work.
Desleisaliba Janga, HIV Prevention

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