Special Father’s Day Thanks 2013

June 13, 2013
Democratic Republic of the Congo
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This Father’s Day we thank you, our supporters, for providing meaningful work for our expert patients and fathers like Charles, who lives in a region with endemic poverty.  A job helps Charles support his own children while extending the clinic activities into the community. 

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Here is his story:

My wife and I have three children.  My wife was sick and I didn’t know what the problem was.  We went for HIV testing together.  She was HIV positive and I was HIV negative. Two of our children were HIV postive and one was HIV negative. Sadly, my wife died. 

After my wife died I continued to love and care for my children.  I took them to the Children’s AIDS Program Clinic.  When the clinic staff saw I was taking good care of the children, they asked me to be part of the expert patient team. Now in addition to taking care of my family, I do home visits for other families. 


Thank you for the work. 

Our care unit now has tools for monitoring newborn respiratory distress. And our care, maternity and operating rooms all have phototherapy lamps that help prevent neonatal hypothermia.
Manene NAKASHINGA Agnes, Senior Neonatal ICU Nurse at Panzi General Hospital

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