Special Father’s Day Thanks 2013

June 13, 2013
Democratic Republic of the Congo
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This Father’s Day we thank you, our supporters, for providing meaningful work for our expert patients and fathers like Charles, who lives in a region with endemic poverty.  A job helps Charles support his own children while extending the clinic activities into the community. 

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Here is his story:

My wife and I have three children.  My wife was sick and I didn’t know what the problem was.  We went for HIV testing together.  She was HIV positive and I was HIV negative. Two of our children were HIV postive and one was HIV negative. Sadly, my wife died. 

After my wife died I continued to love and care for my children.  I took them to the Children’s AIDS Program Clinic.  When the clinic staff saw I was taking good care of the children, they asked me to be part of the expert patient team. Now in addition to taking care of my family, I do home visits for other families. 


Thank you for the work. 

What I like most about working with Global Strategies is the consistent follow-up of treatment and tracking what is being achieved.
Dr. Denis Mukwege, Panzi Foundation

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