Spring Donor Reception

May 6, 2017
Orinda, CA
  • Interviewee
  • Dr. Joshua Bress

Dr. Givano Kashemwa met with Global Strategies’ colleagues and supporters at a reception, hosted by Dave and Martha Stewart, in May. He shared updates on the dramatic impact he and his team have made in DRC, improving access to quality healthcare for women and children. View our gallery of photos from this inspiring reception.

Dr. Joshua Bress, Dr. Givano Kashemwa, Dr. Anne Marie Duliege (photo: De Noise Studios)
Dr. Anne Marie Duliege and Dr. Arthur Ammann (photo: De Noise Studios)
Dr. Arthur Ammann, Dr. Givano Kashemwa, Dr. Anne Marie Duliege, Leslie Budge, Patricia Lyon (photo: De Noise Studios)
David and Martha Stewart, Kathryn Badalich and Dr. Sam Choi (photo: De Noise Studios)
Alan and Jan Wade (photo: De Noise Studios)
Alan Francis Lyon and Patricia Lyon (photo: De Noise Studios)
Steve Burke and Alison Burke (photo: De Noise Studios)
Mary Le, Mike Grills, and Sloane Drake (photo: De Noise Studios)
Thanks to Global Strategies we have Dr. Vindu, the first woman specialist in public health and this is unique.
Dr. Justin Paluka, CEO HEAL Africa

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