Volunteers in the Spotlight

January 1, 2015
Democratic Republic of the Congo, India
  • Interviewee
  • Jean Armas and Cindy McWhorter

We could not carry out our mission without our amazing and dedicated volunteers. These volunteers truly embody the spirit of Global Strategies as they work shoulder-shoulder with doctors, nurses and physical therapists in the field. With Mary, Carla and Deanna currently overseas, we wanted to share their incredible work.

Mary Le (photo: Jean Armas)

Name: Mary Le

Profession: Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse

Site: HEAL Africa Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Current Volunteer Project: Mary is training nurses in the life-saving skills of neonatal resuscitation in the city of Goma. In addition, Mary isteaching HEAL Africa nurses to use GPS mapping to better understand neonatal referral patterns.

Carla Medina (photo: Jean Armas)

Name: Carla Medina

Profession: Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse 

Site: HEAL Africa Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Current Volunteer Project: Carla is working with the neonatal nurse instructor team at HEAL Africa and evaluating the quality of neonatal nursing school. She is also working with Nurse Élysée Samvura to validate the accuracy of the real-time data collection.

Deanna Chan (photo: Cindy McWhorter)

Name: Deanna Chan

Profession: Occupational Therapist

Site: SVYM Hospital in Saragur, Karnataka State, India

Current Volunteer Project: Deanna is training staff at Swami Vivekanda Youth Movement (SVYM) program in India to provide rehabilitation care. SVYM was recently honored with a prestigious award recognizing the high quality of its programs.

Global Strategies is raising our leadership in many areas, especially in neonatology and HIV treatment for children. This work is very important in the region.
Dr. William Bonane, public health doctor at HEAL Africa

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