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When clinical care and data collection become a single activity, every interaction between a clinician and a patient becomes an opportunity to learn how to improve care.  The challenge is that the people best positioned to collect high-quality data about clinical care are the very clinicians who are extremely busy caring for sick and urgent cases.  Our solution — to make data collection extremely quick through rapid daily digital surveys that when analyzed in the aggregate paint a pointillist landscape of areas where accurate data is desperately needed.  The result is that key outcomes and metrics — from the neonatal mortality at our sites to the status of the equipment we have helped purchase — are tracked in nearly real-time. 

 “Is what we are doing working?” is a question that drives both our implementing partners and Global Strategies.  Asking that question every single day means that when we get the answer, we know it is relevant.

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Global Strategies has connected our organization, HEAL Africa, with other organizations in the world.
Dr. William Bonane, Program Manager at HEAL Africa

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