Tracking Newborn Outcomes in the DRC

I want to share with you some exciting news. Global Strategies' work has been selected as an example of how using data effectively improves the lives of children. In an article from Magpi, Tracking Newborn Outcomes in the Democratic Republic of Congo, our work is featured for the impact made using daily data to track outcomes in the neonatal unit at HEAL Africa Hospital in Goma.

Together with our partners we are making so much progress in the care of babies during their first month of life.

Thank you for continuing to support our work.



Joshua Bress, MD



The drug we use, Truvada, really helped us. In the past, we used other medication but now we see Truvada’s success with reduced dosages and little or no side effects. We can truly attest to its innovation in care for sexual violence victims.
Mrs. Vira Esperance, Principal Team Member of PEP project, Panzi Foundation

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