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A community's health depends on the frontline healthcare workers — the doctors, nurses and community health workers working tirelessly to treat and prevent illness. For these courageous men and women, the high mortality in their communities is not a statistic — it is a daily reality. We work hand-in-hand with frontline healthcare workers to provide them with the training and tools — tools created by Global Strategies uniquely suited to their setting — so they can have an immediate impact on their patients. We develop long-term educational relationships in areas of the world that are facing the largest healthcare worker shortages. We invest in people. Our strength is in the decade-long relationships we have built with local people working to transform their communities.

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Education & Training

I run the project called CAP, Children's AIDS Program. This program began in 2006 with just a few children, around 7. Now it is a program of 700 kids and all these kids are supported through Global Strategies.
Dr. Vindu, Public Health Specialist at HEAL Africa
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